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Welcome Leader, and thank you for taking the time to read our story and what we can do for you. As part of V-Speed, LLC, V-SpeedMedia is well-poised to help you with your leadership and management consulting needs. The creation of the V-SpeedMedia brand started with a very visceral "ah-ha" moment.

Our background started through experience working in US Marine Corps aviation and working with high-performance teams in a high-risk business. I began operations at V-Speed after leaving Active Duty, and it was during a focus group discussion with a team of workers as part of a client consulting project when I realized that in many organizations workers and leaders are struggling to get their voices heard. I mean, I understood this, but this very moment had a profound impact on me and started me on the pathway of developing V-SpeedMedia as a linked brand with V-Speed.

I realized that many companies are getting much of their media approaches wrong. I know that is a bold statement, and here is what I mean; so many companies focus on external public-facing media branding campaigns, such as social engagement through various platforms, yet they fail at developing internal communications to create alignment. Sure, external engagement is important for brand awareness, but what about internal engagement? 

Despite many internal communications efforts and PR campaigns there continues to be a huge gap in what top leaders and even middle managers desire for their company and what front line workers actually perceive. This creates tremendous friction and misalignment with cross-purpose goals. What seems desirable to some seems undesirable to others. While correcting this situation is not easy, there are strategies that can help. Through the power of deep level analysis of vision and goals, coaching on the power of storytelling, and creating rich and powerful media campaigns and films we can help you align purpose, mission, and vision with goals across the organization. 

Thanks for reading,

Randy Cadieux, Founder

What can we do for you?

shared purpose and alignment across your organization leads to reliability, safety and quality.


Partnering to create rich and powerful storytelling campaigns and movies: Designed to help multiple voices become one, we will work with leaders, managers, and teams to help each level tell their stories. The end result will be a powerful set of stories, movies and multimedia presentations designed to align cross-purpose efforts towards a unified vision and mission.

Coaching leaders and workers to find their voice and develop powerful keynote-style presentations: Organizational change doesn't happen simply through rational and logical methods. Sure, that is part of it, but real change happens through emotional appeals. In fact, there is a tremendous amount of research describing the power of harnessing and aligning emotion with process. We can coach your staff and workers to find their voice and help them to create compelling and emotional stories to deliver at internal conferences or that are integrated into digital media. 

Keynote Addresses and Speaking Engagements: We have a tremendous amount of experience with keynote addresses, speaking engagements, and face-to-face instructor-led training and online education. We can help you with your speaking needs and one of our favorite things to do is to create and deliver incredibly impactful keynote presentations for your internal conferences. Our list of clients includes a variety of industries from electrical utilities, mining and manufacturing, healthcare, and trade associations. 

Leadership and Management Consulting: V-Speed, LLC started out as a consulting, coaching and training company and one of our main goals was to help organizations improve safety and operations production performance through team leadership and engagement. We realized that a common theme across our client organizations was that safety is often not simply created through compliance with regulations (although that is part of it), but is created through the policies, internal rules, and communications within the organization. In fact, many major industrial disasters can be at least partially attributed to breakdowns in communications. At V-SpeedMedia we can help you improve the way rules, policies, teamwork, leadership, and design may be used to improve your organizational performance.