Bryan Fass is the President and Founder of Fit Responder, whose mission is to improve Employer Financial Wellness and Employee Physical Wellness. Their tagline is Every Lift Counts. In this episode we talk about changing the paradigm of ergonomics, fitness and wellness for organizational improvement and how Bryan is working to disrupt the status quo regarding how teams and leaders view ergonomics and fitness, and their relationship to organizational performance.

Bryan Fass Biography:

Bryan has dedicated the past 10 years to changing the culture of Fire-EMS, Public Works and Industry from one of pain, injury and disease to one of ergonomic excellence and employee wellness.  Bryan has leveraged his 15-year career in Sports medicine, Athletic Training, Spine Rehabilitation, Strength & Conditioning and as a Paramedic to become the expert on pre-hospital patient handling/equipment handling, fire-EMS Fitness & industrial athletics. His company, Fit Responder, works nationally with departments to reduce injury and improve fitness. 

Show Notes:

In many high-risk organizations people learn by doing and learning from other more senior people can be helpful. When more experienced people tell stories about incidents this can facilitate learning. However, taking a proactive approach to learning in advance of incidents may help improve organizational performance. 

Understanding how work is performed in the real world is important. Simulations should mimic real world conditions as closely as feasible. People will fall back to their lowest level of training. 

Understanding the limitations on the human body and taking advantage of assistive devices to improve ergonomic performance may help with overall organizational performance in the short and long term. 

Fatigue can play a significant role in human performance, and ergonomics training may help. 

Many organizations in general spend very little time on helping people to survive the job for the long-term and often have employees watch videos on how to lift safely. Bryan feels it is important to improve video based education and to add a coaching process with master trainers.    

Bryan uses the mantra, “Use the Tool, Don’t Be the Tool” to help people to understand that assistive tools are there to help them to perform their jobs.

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Bryan recommends spending 30 minutes per day learning. Reading 30 minutes a day can be highly beneficial and a good leader who is in constant growth mode should invest time every day.


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