In this episode John Covington and I talk about leadership and his experience with Theory of Constraints and culture change.

John’s Bio: 

John Covington is president and owner of Chesapeake Consulting, Inc. since 1988.  Chesapeake provides operations improvement, leadership development and project management support for both commercial and government accounts.  John did his undergraduate work at the United States Naval Academy and the University of Alabama receiving a BS in Chemical Engineering.    

He has held a variety of engineering, management and executive positions with Dupont, Stauffer Chemicals and Sherwin-Williams. He has authored numerous articles and five books on leadership development, process improvement and faith.  He was selected business person of the year in 2002 by the Severna Park, Maryland, Chamber of Commerce.  

He is a Distinguished Fellow in both the College of Engineering and the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Alabama and sits on the Deans Leadership Council.  He serves on several charity boards including Capstone Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering advisory board, The Blackburn Institute, and Dogs Finding Dogs, a K-9 search and rescue group for pets.    

He is an active church member and is involved in several community charity organizations.  

Chesapeake Consulting opened a Tuscaloosa office in January of 2015 and John moved to Alabama from Maryland in April of 2015.   

He has been married to Linda Covington since 1972, is an avid biker, dog trainer and is a terrible golfer.  

Show Notes:

Complex systems normally have one thing that drives them and that can be a leverage point. The Theory of Constraints tries to simplify complex systems. The culture of a company is extremely important when trying to implement Theory of Constraints. 

Leading organizations requires at least 3 things: Disruption, making sure things are aligned and honoring people.

Leadership development is something that has to be ongoing.

Self-awareness is a large part of leadership and there must be an ongoing accountability and leadership development process to help leaders maintain their self-awareness for leadership results. 

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Book Recommendations: The Bible, Enterprise Fitness and What I Learned about Leadership from My Dog (both by John Covington), Influencer by Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler, Jesus CEO by Laurie Beth Jones


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